Energy transfer: 2021→2022

It might just be in my head (which I would be 100% ok with) but the energy here in 2022 feels different.

I had a really slow start to the year; I was able to just be and feel without any obligations whatsoever for the full first week. During that time I did a lot of nothing :) and it gave me the space to be with people I love, and the freedom to do whatever I felt in the moment. I was able to completely clear my mind and almost “cleanse” the leftover energy from 2021 while also assimilating into the newness of 2022. Neutral space.

Now that that internal process is done, these are my main lessons and takeaways:

First of all, let’s get scientific. Because this is serious stuff.

As we know, energy exists in many different forms and can be transferred from one form to another. My theory about this current energy transfer is that it feels like the swing of a pendulum. The energy transferred from potential in 2021 to kinetic in 2022.

I don’t know about you, but the past year felt really stagnant for me. Everything I wanted and was working towards felt so frustratingly close yet far away. Like it was all at my fingertips but just barely out of reach. The truth is that while I was physically putting in the work and dedicating myself fully, I was pushing it all away energetically. 

By wanting it too badly and absorbing the desperation, I wasn’t trusting that it would come to me. I was living out of scarcity, fearful that it would all fail and I'd be left with nothing. Feeling like I already had nothing just because I didn't have everything completely figured out.

By not trusting my intuition, my inner voice, I wasn’t living in my fullest truth. I was choosing comfort and safety over trust and opportunity, following what I thought I “should” do, and it was impeding me from aligning with what I truly desired.

I knew that this all had to change if I wanted to get out of the stagnant energy loop I was in, and decided that the end of the year would be the end of this cycle. I finally built up the nerve to leave some of the things that weren’t serving me behind (working towards an unfulfilling career is soooo 2021), and embraced the risk and uncertainty that came with following my gut.

It still feels premature, since I’m still currently living in that uncertainty, but even from the very beginning of the transition I knew something was different. I might not know what’s going to happen next, but I know that the energy is moving and I’m one step closer to where I need to be.

So far 2022 feels new and open and like a breath of fresh air. I’m in a space now where I feel more like myself, and ready to act on my truth and my truth only.

The very first thing I did when I got back to business was fully redefine my brand and redesign my website. I sat at my computer without a plan, just knowing that everything needed to update with this new energy. The final product makes me feel so happy that I can’t bring myself to close the tab even when I’m not using it. It feels like a much more accurate representation of me and what I aspire to do, and the best part was how seamlessly it translated onto my computer screen from inside of me. I stopped overthinking and allowed an effortless flow to lead me in expressing what I had been trying so hard to before.

I’m ready to allow this ease into every aspect of my life. I’m ready to let go of expectations and open myself up to receiving abundance through the possibilities that meet me halfway. I said goodbye to stagnation last year and I meant it. 

What about you? Comment below if you can feel this energy shift too. I’d love to connect with you if this feels relevant at all!

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Te amo!!! Keep it up😘
No tengo palabras pero esa pasión tuya va inspirar al mundo!


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