Your feelings determine your life's experience

The way that you feel is actively guiding your experience through life. At all times. Have you noticed that? Have you ever found yourself in a familiar situation, maybe something routine like waiting in line at the grocery store, realizing that your experience today is completely different from the last time you were there… while you’re physically doing the exact same thing?


How is it possible that some days you can wait patiently while you get to the front of the line, while on other days you just can’t seem to get there fast enough? On the surface it seems that nothing about the situation changed, but the difference is in how you felt in each moment.

The same way that your feelings are guiding you through the small scale details of your everyday life, if you step back and look at the bigger picture, you’ll see how your feelings and these fine details are also guiding your entire life path and the direction in which it's going. 

So what does this mean?!?!?!? Why is it relevant? What can I do about it?!

Well,,,,, as with everything, the first step is awareness. So now that you’re aware that your feelings are leading your life experience, what can you do to give them the direction that you WANT them to take? Rather than just living your life as if on autopilot, letting your feelings take control of you, you can actually claim full power over them. So question number one: what does this mean? This means that if you can become aware of (and understand) how you feel and recognize WHAT makes you feel a certain way, you can start to maneuver your way through your physical experience by being intentional with the feelings you expose yourself to.


Let’s have a quick intermission because I also want to clarify what this DOESN’T mean.

This DOES NOT mean that when you feel sad or any other “bad/negative” emotion, your life is automatically going downhill. Remember that emotions are just emotions, and no emotion is inherently “bad” or wrong. You are the one choosing to give it that label, and you can always choose to release it. :)

It also DOES NOT mean that you can avoid the feelings that you don’t want to feel. This one is important, I’ll say it again. You cannot avoid the feelings that you don’t want to feel, seriously. There is no hiding and there is no going around them. They demand to be felt and if you choose to numb yourself as to not deal with them, they will simply follow you around. They will continue to show up in a million different scenarios throughout your entire life (and your next life if you believe in that) until you decide to finally face them.

Lastly, taking control of your life DOES NOT mean that you always get to control what you feel. Life will always be unpredictable, and as much as you can give it direction, you will always have to face external situations that are out of your control. This is where you need to learn to surrender and go with the flow of life. I like to look at life as a dance with the universe where you take turns leading. The truth is that we can’t always see the bigger picture and sometimes you have to trust that you’re being guided in the right direction. In moments like these, the only thing that you can control is the way that you react (which is JUST as important as taking the lead when it’s your turn). Always try to find your balance.


Ok ok ok, back to regularly scheduled programming.

So why is this relevant? Well, this is where MIND MATTER comes in. You’ve heard the phrase mind over matter, right? It’s everywhere! It speaks to the idea that with the power of the mind, you can overcome any physical hardships, and that pretty much your entire life starts from inside of you. And it’s sooo true!! I mean look at the placebo effect, it’s literally living proof of this. BUT, since two different things can be true at the same time, Mind Matter started with a concept that actually wanted to challenge this idea.


Rather than saying that mind comes before matter, Mind Matter plays with the idea that mind equals matter (and therefore matter also equals mind). Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs equal your physical reality (and your physical reality also equals your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs). It might seem like these phrases are saying the same thing, but the value of bringing mind and matter to the same level is that it gives you the opportunity to begin where you feel more comfortable. If your physical reality has as much influence over your mind as your mind has over your physical reality, then you have the option to make physical changes that will positively impact your inner world. It’s an infinite cycle between the two and you get to decide which one is easier for you to take charge of. Think of it as a life hack!!!

Because of the world and society that we’ve all grown up in, it’s often really difficult for a lot of us to lead with our inner worlds, and this is where the life hack comes into play. Since ultimately that is where our life experience is being created from, but a lot of us can’t seem to get in touch with it, our physical world can become a tool for us to get there. How? By choosing to do things that bring us joy and allowing ourselves to simply feel good. After all, the way that you feel is actively guiding your experience through life. If made intentionally, these seemingly insignificant choices that we make every day can lead us to feel good overall, reflecting those feelings into our inner worlds. Effectively, they will continue the cycle and reflect back outward again and again and the feedback loop will continue for as long as you let it. Remember that it’s all a choice and the choice must be made in every new moment of your life.

Fake it ‘till you make it, right? Show up in the world as the person that you want to be and BELIEVE that you are that person until you simply are. I believe in you! Believe in yourself <3 Love you.